What Casino Bonuses Exist for Slot Machines

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Most slot machines have at least one bonus. Bonuses can be completely different in style and format, For example, there are bonuses in which a player doesn’t participate; there are those where a player participates, but the result still depends entirely on the case. Finally, there are bonuses in which a player not only takes a direct part but can also affect the outcome of the game — something like a computer arcade. However, due to the specifics of slots, bonus games don’t last long — a player must return to the normal game mode and continue making bets.

Types of Bonuses

The competition in the field of gambling has made casino owners struggle for every single client. Therefore, every gambling establishment is putting effort into attracting players to play its slots. Here are the main types of bonuses used for this purpose.

  • Welcome Bonuses

These are the most beloved types of bonuses players like in online casinos. Depending on the particular terms of a casino, these can be no-deposit or deposit match-up bonuses. Usually, a player just needs to create an account and proceed with a couple of verification steps. That’s it — you can start playing with your bonus chips. 

  • Arcade Bonuses

Recently, slot developers are increasingly implementing slot machines in the play-in-play style. The mini-game inside a slot can even be controlled by a player, but in any case, a player won’t have a decisive influence on the outcome. In such games, you may need to shoot down an aircraft carrier or alien spaceship, or, for example, steal diamonds from a well-guarded museum without running into an alarm. Such bonuses appeal to many players, especially to those who like computer games. Often users are specifically looking for arcade slots in the hope of activating their popular bonuses.


Slot machines with scenarios like detective investigation or soap opera also use similar bonus rounds. These types of slot machines allow players even more interactivity. It is a part of the narrative, during which there is usually at least one bonus round. Generally, the more detailed and complicated a slot machine is, the more complex bonus rounds it will have.

  • Free Spins

Free spins are one of the most common types of bonuses. Players can find them in almost every game. Often a combination of diverse bonuses is used in the same slot, but there are plenty of games where free spins exist on their own:


  • Free spins are activated differently in each game; 
  • The number of free spins also varies;
  • Additional bonuses in free spins vary from game to game.


Each slot has a Help or Payouts section, and everything regarding available bonuses is described there. Some slots even have special reels that activate free spins and multiply winnings in them.


Look for a casino that offers slots with the most attractive bonuses! Good luck to you!

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